CHSSWeb Speed Improvements

Over the course of the past few months we have improved CHSSWeb by updating its core technologies, rewriting slower code elements, and adding caching to many elements. This week we deployed revisions that make pages load faster and smoother.

Before Deployment

You will notice parts of the screen appearing before other parts of the screen as the browser requests, receives, and redraws the entire page.

After Deployment

The browser now redraws only those elements that have changed. Navigation, subnavigation and background elements no longer blink as pages are redrawn. The overall effect is much smoother.


Speed Improvements

Our code revisions and caching improved our page load times dramatically. Overall we are running twice as fast as we did at the beginning of Fall semester. Some functions on our sites are running up to five times faster than before. Here's a snapshot of the immediate performance improvement after we deployed one set of these changes at the end of November.

Speed Improvements to CHSSWeb

The graph shows that this one deployment immediately took our page load times from 400-500 milliseconds down to 250-300 milliseconds. We made many of these improvements between September and now. With your continued support and feedback, we will make more improvements in the coming months.

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