Bios for Fall Hires

Bios for Fall Hires
Bare Bones Bios

This weekend CHSSWeb received Banner data and created bios for a large number of our new faculty and staff. Newly-created bios have only the basic information we can obtain from Banner, such as their names and whether they are full- or part-time. Your faculty and staff pages will look much better if all bios have a photograph, research interests and a short bio. Site editors can update any bio which originates on their site. Also, all faculty and staff members can edit their own bios.

We typically receive this information a few days after new hires are paid for the first time. It is possible that information on some of your new hires has not yet been released to us from Banner but will come in over the next week. If you are concerned about a missing bio, please check to see if the bio already exists and can be associated with your site, or provide us with key information and we will add the bio.

Please note that the import does not remove bios from your site. If your site lists people who should no longer be on your site, you may remove their association with your site or archive their bio. The CHSSWeb Help site provides details on how to maintain your faculty and staff listing.

If you have questions, please contact the CHSSWeb team.

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