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Courses and Sections

Websites can display information about courses and sections in two main ways:

  • Using the Courses and Sections Application

    • This always has the URL /courses (e.g. or /course-sections

  • Using a page with the "courses" template

    • This must not have the url /courses or /course-sections.

These approaches are not mutually exclusive. Units can decide which link to use from the main navigation (to "Courses" or "Courses and Sections") on their websites.

The Difference Between the Two Options

The Courses and Sections Application displays all the courses and sections for the subject codes owned by a unit. For example, for Economics, it displays all the courses and sections with the code ECON; for History and Art History, all the courses and sections with the codes HIST and ARTH.

The Courses and Sections Application is not directly useful for interdisciplinary programs. They use individual courses from many different subject codes, not all the courses from a small number of subject codes. Static courses pages provide a way for them to list the different courses from multiple departments that the unit draws on.

Pages using the "course" template display all courses assocaited with the site, regardless of course code. This is of particular interest to interdisciplinary programs.

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