Programs and Profiles Applications

CHSSWeb has two applications that hold information about its academic programs.

The Programs Application holds and displays information about each of the academic programs offered by the college. Academic programs include degrees, concentrations, minors, and certificates. Access a master list of programs in the right sidebar.

The Profiles Application holds and displays profiles of students and alumni.

These two applications in CHSSWeb2 are edited in different ways. They are, however, interlinked. Every profile is associated with one or more academic program. The profiles can be accessed from top tabs on the academic program pages.

Think about the academic program information on the web in the same way that you think about a publicity brochure. What you say on these pages should “match” or expand on any print pieces that you have about your degrees. The two should be closely coordinated updated regularly together.

See the tabs above to learn how to edit the information in these applications.

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