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College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Spring and Fall Cleaning

Before each semester begins, set aside time to clean up your site.

  1. Review the list of editors who have access to your site. Let the CHSSWeb team know if any should be removed.
  2. All content owners review their sections of the site, updating or deleting pages and other content as necessary.
  3. The person or people who maintain faculty bios review the faculty listings.
  4. Review your resource groups. Delete any that are unused (not on a page). If they are not on a page, they are not serving any purpose on your site.
  5. Review your resources. Delete any links or documents which are no longer in use. Keep only those documents which you are actually using on your web site. If you wish to maintain copies of old, unused documents, download those documents and then delete them from the CHSSWeb system.
  6. Develop a publication plan for the upcoming semester. Identify the general topics and specific events that will drive the creation of articles and events over the next few months.
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